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Henry Engineering
Henry Engineering
PO Box 3796
Seal Beach, CA  90740
Products/Services: Audio & Studio Accessories
Audio Distribution, Digital & Analog
Audio Interface
Audio Mixers
Audio Switchers
Digital Converters
Headphone Systems
Power Conditioners

Hank Landsberg
Ph #: (562-493-3589
Phone: 562-493-3589
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Company Description:

Our motto is “We Build Solutions” because our products solve audio and interface problems! We have products for both digital and analog audio, as well as headphone amps, “talent boxes”, logic interface and Tally light control. There are Henry solutions for RCA-to-XLR analog interface, SPDIF-to-AES digital interface and USB digital audio. Also audio mixing, switching, distribution, and integrated headphone audio distribution systems. Henry’s Sports Pod and Talent Pod make remote broadcasts quick and easy, providing simple mic and headphone control for your announcers.

New for 2019 is the SportsCaster!

SportsCaster is a "master controller" for video or radio coverage of sporting events, such as football and baseball games.  When used with Henry Engineering's Sports Pods, SportsCaster  is an integrated audio control system that handles all aspects of the broadcast: talent mic mixing, isolated headphone mixing and distribution for the producer, talent, sideline reporter, and camera operators, and duplex intercom for the Producer and the entire broadcast team.  By integrating all functions into one device, SportsCaster makes sports remotes easy, reliable, and it eliminates the need for multiple mixers, headphone amps, distribution systems, intercoms, and complicated wiring.

See the SportsCaster and other Henry Engineering products at the Broadcasters General Store booth at NAB, Booth # C1722 in the Central Hall.  Hank Landsberg will be there to answer your questions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the show.

Product Information:
All Henry products will be on display at the 2017 NAB show in Booth #N7608 in the North Hall.

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