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IW Microwave Products Division
IW Microwave Products Division
2C Park Lawn Dr.
Bethel, CT  06801
Products/Services: Cable Equipment and Headend
Distribution & Delivery
Microwave RF Accessories

John Morelli
President, IW Microwave Products Division
Mike Sarni
President, Insulated Wire, Inc.
Brian Dailey
Global Sales Manager
Phone: 203-791-1999
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Highlight Description:

 Insulated Wire, Inc. (IW) designs and manufactures high performance microwave cable and cable assemblies and offers a wide variety of products that provide extremely low attenuation at frequencies up to 67 GHz. Founded in 1970, IW developed a unique PTFE lamination process and applied it to manufacturing wire and cable. This process allowed IW to manufacture products of unprecedented reliability, permitting higher voltage carrying capability along with smaller diameters. Combining the new lamination process along with a patented shield design allowed IW to become one of the leaders in low loss, microwave transmission lines utilizing both solid and expanded PTFE dielectrics. In 1988 IW expanded its operations and created the Microwave Products Division to produce 'turn-key' RF and microwave cable assemblies in a new facility located in Danbury, CT.

Today, IW offers a wide range of microwave cable and assembly products ranging from .050 inch to .50 inch in outer diameter, providing excellent attenuation and phase stable performance over a wide operating temperature range; our cables are available as 50Ω and 75Ω designs; Tuf-Flex™ provides a crush resistant option where assemblies may be exposed to accidental damage; Re-Flex™ is an IW unique double shielded semi-rigid/conformable replacement, eliminating the failure modes exhibited by those cable types. With a broad range of industry standard interfaces (including BNC, TNC, N-type, SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm), we also have the ability to offer custom interconnect solutions, and combined with various armoring and weatherproofing options, we provide our customers the correct configuration cable assembly for their specific application.

Extended Description:

Markets Served

IW serves a broad range of both commercial and military markets on land, sea and airborne platforms. These include satellite communication systems, data links, electronic warfare systems, missile systems, UAV applications, avionics, test and measurement, fire control radar systems, EMC compliance testing, medical electronics, broadcast, audio applications and geophysical exploration.

Technical Services

All cable assemblies are built to customer specifications using the most advanced equipment and procedures by our IPC-WHMA-A-620 trained technicians for soldering, with every assembly tested to validate VSWR and insertion loss performance using a Vector Network Analyzer before leaving the factory. Phase matching, amplitude matching, and time delay measurements up to 67 GHz are available when required. IW can provide either in-house or support external laboratory testing for environmental conditions such as humidity, salt spray, vibration, thermal shock, flexure testing, and attenuation performance over temperature, in addition to other unique requirements. Applications Engineering support is also available for optimal cable/connector configuration in rack systems, black boxes, and other packaging areas where transmission line performance is critical to that of the overall system.

Major Products

  • Low loss, phase stable microwave cable optimized for use to 11, 18, 26.5, 40, 50, and 67 GHz
  • Microwave cable assemblies
  • Re-Flex™ - cable and assemblies (085/141/250 line sizes replacing semi-rigid/conformable)
  • Tuf-Flex™ assemblies – improved crush resistance without using an external armor
  • Stranded center conductor option across the range
  • Low Smoke/Zero Halogen polyurethane jacketing on all products
  • Custom jacket color available on request
  • Composite cables - combining mixed signal conductors, e.g. microwave/power/discrete cable types
  • PTFE insulated hook-up wires
  • Multi-conductor cables
  • Dielectric Cores
  • Twisted pair and triaxial cable
  • Water-blocked cables for submarine applications
  • Cable protection options e.g. PEEK™, NOMEX™, AMS-DTL-23053 heat-shrink jacketing, PET™ monomer braid


IW operates in two facilities. Headquarters and bulk cable manufacturing are located in Bayport, NY. The Microwave Products Division, responsible for the applications design, sales and manufacture of all microwave assemblies is located in Bethel, CT. Both facilities are certified to AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015.

IW Sales & Support

IW has sales offices at both NY and CT facilities, and are supported globally by our local representatives.

Re-Flex™ products are also available via IW authorized distributors in North America for delivery in the USA, Canada and South America, and in the UK for European customers.

Details are provided on our website.

Product Information:
IW designs and manufactures a wide range of RF/Microwave cable products including Re-Flex™, an IW unique double shielded replacement for semi-rigid/conformable cable types, offering excellent attenuation performance and the ability to repeatedly re-form the cable without causing mechanical degradation or compromise RF performance; composite cables are also an IW capability, providing customers with the option to combine mixed signals in one jacket to simplify routing and interconnect.

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