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DSC Laboratories
DSC Laboratories
3565 Nashua Drive
Mississauga, ON  L4V 1R1
Products/Services: Mobile/Vehicle Production
TV Station
Electronic Displays
Projectors and Projection Screens
Video Display
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Mobile Production Services

David Corley
President and CEo
Susan Corley
Secretary Treasurer
Anthony Dobrovszky
Sales Manager
Tatiana Manukyan
Executive Assistant
Phone: 905-673-3211
Fax: 905-673-0929
Toll-Free: 1-866-DSC-LABS
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“Better Images through research” has been this Canadian company’s mantra for over 50 years. DSC Laboratories progressed from award-winning film production house, to premier 35 and 70 mm slide and filmstrip laboratory, to developers of an alignment grid and soft-edged mask system which made possible the multi-projector extravaganzas of the 1980s.  DSC went on to develop systems to improve TV image quality, culminating with the current suite of products which covers all aspects of image acquisition, display and printing.

From simple test charts to complex systems, DSC products help optimize image quality from ocean depths to outer space. Whatever the need, Network TV, Sporting Events, Law Enforcement, Medicine,  Security - DSC test standards used before, during and after a shoot, produce optimum image quality - it’s not magic, it’s science! DSC’s patented technology is often five years ahead of industry requirements.

DSC products are available from international dealers, specialty systems from DSC Labs directly.  Many DSC products have become de facto standards, some industry favorites being ChromaDuMonde®, FiddleHeads®, CamBelles® charts. With up to 26 f-stops dynamic range display, the iconic Xyla® is indispensable, particularly for HDR.  

DSC’s unique ChromaMatch® family of products provides image control from acquisition to display. The distinctive radial design includes Wide Gamut and 709 colors – the latter may be used with traditional measuring equipment, while digital reference files are provided for instant visual matching.  ChromaMatch patterns are available in several formats and modifications, including ChromaSelfies® and Print-A-Match®; the latter is simple to use, helps align printers efficiently and saves money in ink and media.

While it's vitally important that cameras reproduce images accurately, it is equally important that images be displayed accurately.  Electronic monitor alignment systems work to a point, but are not WYSIWYG. To provide a solution, DSC Labs developed ScreenAlign®.

The human eye is renowned for its ability to discern minute differences between adjacent colors - ScreenAlign takes advantage of this gift!  Simply place the rear-lit ScreenAlign, set to the same color temperature as the screen being tested, over the screen displaying the ChromaMatch pattern (from digital file supplied); align the radials, then adjust the monitor so that the colors match those of the ScreenAlign!  ScreenAlign can be used with any size display from 15 inch laptop to large movie screen.

For Total Image Control from acquisition to display and printing, DSC developed the “Scene to Screen” S2S® suite.  This includes TACT™ Totally Automated Camera Testing system, providing testing before purchase, potentially saves thousands of dollars when purchasing numbers of cameras.  S2S is also ideal for police departments, airports, hospitals and other organizations wishing to standardize images from Scene to Screen.

Extended Description:

ScreenAlign was designed to help users of displays requiring critical color matching, either to coordinate with each other or with elements such as skin tones in the original scene.  The human eye is well-known for its ability to discern minute differences between adjacent colors and ScreenAlign takes advantage of this talent to match colors and grays, with or without traditional camera calibration equipment.

Xyla - Dynamic range is an important factor in selecting the best camera for the job. Ensure your camera is set up accurately with DSC Labs’ latest high dynamic range test system – the Xyla. 15 – 26 f-stops dynamic range, fully enclosed voltage regulated light source, shutter system allows users to isolate and evaluate individual steps

The ChromaMatch intuitive visual matching feature uses traditional ChromaDuMonde® colors and grayscales, producing familiar, easily interpreted waveform monitor and vectorscope displays for those who prefer traditional matching. The favourite at major sporting events, this pattern is popular in a five-foot roll-up version.

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