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Specialty Data Systems (SDS)
Specialty Data Systems (SDS)
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Workflow Software and Solutions
Advertising and Media Sales Solutions

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                                                        Specialty Data Systems (SDS)

Our Flagship product: SDS Symphony

SDS Symphony is strategic enterprise-wide software for Radio, TV, and Internet Broadcasters, comprised of Traffic, Sales, CRM, Creative, Programming, Reports, and AR.

SDS uses a centralized database for all its component applications. This enables all departments to profit from instant access to shared information across all markets, stations and media properties.

The centralized data and integrated software components are all designed to work together seamlessly across your entire enterprise; delivering Clarity, Control, and Results.

The components of SDS Symphony – all designed to work together.

Established in 1993, SDS is a leading North American provider of broadcast management software, specializing in the development of a proven, unified approach to media management. SDS Symphony now includes SDS Sales, SDS Traffic, SDS CRM, SDS Creative, SDS Programming, SDS Reports, and SDS A/R. With more than 500 television, radio and digital station clients representing a billion dollars in advertising revenues, SDS is independent of broadcaster ownership and remains a responsive, agile, and customer- focused company. For more information, visit 

Extended Description:

SDS Traffic

SDS Traffic unifies all traffic operations into one paperless workflow.

  • Intuitive click and drag functionality

  • Program changes automatically filter down through system to log editing

  • Virtually unlimited number of television and radio stations or networks

  • Centralized management of advertisers, agencies, and sales reps

  • Optimized order entry

  • Upload or schedule multiple contracts at a time

  • Edit an AE(s) booking header i.e. advertiser, agency, AE

  • Reject an entire contract or specific lines of contract and send back to AE

  • Create an unlimited number of alternate logs

  • Open logs in any order

  • View a single program or an entire log

  • Modify same day log

  • Modify break formats or “clocks” in seconds for last minute changes

  • Ability to book contracts without a schedule in existence

  • Electronic Log Reconciliation (Play list vs. As-run)

  • Contracts and Program Inventory updated in real-time

  • Traffic revisions are shared instantly with Sales

  • Interface with leading Master Control and Automation systems for airing.

  • End of contract billing

  • Dynamic Taxes

  • Define and report on Commissions for reps, pools, and sales offices

  • Work remotely

  • International Language Support for Contracts/Invoices

  • Contracts and invoices are never purged

  • Export to third party accounting systems

  • Electronic Invoicing (EI) comes standard (DDS, Spotdata)

  • Dynamic Security

SDS Sales

SDS Sales features real time information updates with Traffic, CRM, AR, & Reports.

  • Live Avails are displayed in daily or weekly view while building a pitch

  • Integrates audience data from ratings service companies like Nielsen, Nielsen Audio, and Eastlan Ratings

  • Include airtime and non-airtime buys (internet) on the same proposal or booking

  • Virtually unlimited number of television and radio stations in a single presentation

  • Combine different length spots, billboards, sponsorships, radio, television, internet, and production costs - all on one buy

  • Enter Campaign Targets then build proposal to meet targets

  • Email proposals and bookings easily to Advertisers and Agencies

  • Fast sales approval process via electronic routing

  • Real-time contract updates between Traffic, Programming and Sales

  • Restrict and manage oversell

  • Sales AE(s) can view their own outstanding receivables

  • Fast and easy post analysis

  • International Language Support on all client-destined documents such as: invoices, contracts, proposals (e.g. Spanish)

  • Export to MS Word, Excel, and Windows clipboard for multi-document presentations

  • Eliminates the need to pay for a separate Sales system.


SDS CRM unifies real-time information across all departments to equip your team with the most accurate and relevant information possible. SDS CRM provides continuously updating alerts and reports on: Revenue, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Pacing to Budget, Key Performance Indicators, Sales Pipeline, Projections and more

  • Provides Managers the utility to coach AE(s) on accountability and keep things moving through the sales funnel.

  • Provides AEs with customer information at a glance: Revenue Pacing to Budget, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Sellout, Bumped or Missed spots, Contract Expirations and more.

  • CRM Dashboard provides an overview with a monthly summary grid and one-click drill down into detailed reports and charts.

  • AE can have an Account Brief sent to their mobile phone, making sales calls more effective.

  • CRM Alerts send emails to AE’s phones whenever certain conditions are met. For example: missing copy, expiring contracts, past due receivables, etc.

  • CRM Push Reports send your favorite reports to you automatically via email to your PC or mobile device.

  • Eliminates the need to pay for a separate CRM system.


As a unified component of SDS Symphony, SDS Creative is uniquely able to integrate the commercial production process with other media departments including Traffic, Sales, and Management, keeping everyone on the same page.

·       Deadlines are flagged and tasks are managed for everyone: writers, producers, talent, traffic and sales.

·       SDS Creative works seamlessly across radio, television, and digital platforms in any environment, from large multi-market broadcast groups to locally-operated stations. It is fully scalable, with customized workflows and multi-tiered security. 

·       Enabling this access is an accessible and customizable dashboard that provides a one-stop snapshot of all creative in production.

·       The past need for 3rd party Creative Production software, re-keying or synching of data, and complex interfaces is eliminated.

·       SDS Creative features a rich script editor, including spell-check and word count. Every revision of a script is stored for a truly paper-less experience. Creative playback is accessible to all in an easy to navigate digital media database. Electronic approval routing allows creative to get to air faster. 

·       Automated email notifications and transparent workflow tracking encourages departmental accountability, while freeing up resources that can be redirected towards servicing clients and producing memorable creative. 

·       SDS Creative closes the loop, fully integrating the activities of production personnel with their colleagues in traffic, sales, and management. 

·       SDS Creative is the latest offering in SDS's mission to anticipate and deliver the most powerful tools possible. Based largely on input from our current and prospective client base, SDS Creative was built to be dynamic enough to suit any media environment.

Product Information:
About SDS: SDS is a leading North American provider of broadcast management software, having installations range from single market stations to large station groups. For more information please contact us.

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