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OSEE Americas, Ltd.
OSEE Americas, Ltd.
43218 Christy Street
Fremont, CA  94538
Products/Services: Digital Signage
TV Sets/Monitors
Video Display
Broadband Applications/Infrastructure
Cable Equipment and Headend
Digital Cinema
Distribution & Delivery
Test and Measurement Equipment/QOS
Video Conversion
Signal Management and Processing
Television Automation/Master Control
Video Processing
Format Conversion

Thom Belford
Managing Director
Phone: 510-996-2249
Fax: 510-996-4492
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Highlight Description:

OSEE AMERICAS, LTD. is located in the technology hub of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Our company is dedicated to our customers by providing the highest value products at affordable prices.

Serving the Film, Broadcast, and Pro A/V markets, we present a wide range of products that vary from the highest quality evaluation video monitors, to multi-viewers and an extensive line of infrastructure products. Most models are easily controlled using a standard web browser available with any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

Extended Description:

Video Monitors:

  • 4K/ UHD in 17", 32", 42", and 55" accept all current standards including BT .2021 plus HDR

  • LCM-E series Field Acquisition and Film Production 7"-High Bright, 15.6" wide color gamut, 21.5"- High Bright, 23", 24"- Wide Color Gamut and 32" models with precision 33 Calibration and De-log for most cameras. These models have a varitey of Analytic and Assist features, accept User Designed Luts, and are HDR capable. 

  • All field monitors offer a variety of battery power options, accessories, and kits

  • The LMW series are low cost with features intended for image confidence with Closed Caption Text Display, Waveform, Vector, and Multiple channel audio metering Screen sizes range from 17.3 inch to 55 inch. The 20” and 32” models are available with up to 14 HDR format options.

  • Next up is our Broadcast series, the BCM line. BCM monitors are designed for the broadcaster or film community that needs to view the highest fidelity including the ability to load up to 15 user Defined Luts. Like the lower cost confidence line, the BCM line is available in a full range of sizes.

Multiviewer and Monitor wall controllers (All are 4K capable):

  • With six options to choose from we have products that range from a quad split monitor or control product, to low cost Pro AV products that can be scaled to 94 inputs that can be placed on 72 monitors (94x72). Our broadcast video wall controllers offer every feature required in a broadcast environment.
  • Pro A/V products are the IMP5212 and HMV260
  • Broadcast products include the QVM quad split, new low cost Aurora1600 (16x4) and HMV160 that can be scaled to 64x32.

6900N Infrastructure Products provide every conceivable distribution and signal process. New to NAB is our very low cost 4 input with synchronized clean switch Automatic Change Over (ACO)

Included with infrastructure are our routing products ranging from 16x4 to 32x32. All router models are 4K capable.

Product Information: