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Caption Central by Comprompter
Caption Central by Comprompter
3340 North Pine Creek Road
La Crescent, MN  55947
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Ralph King
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Comprompter, Inc. was founded in 1982 to develop software solutions for broadcasters to assist in the gathering and presentation of News to the public. From our earliest electronic newsroom system, ENR, we built companion products like TotaPrompter, VoteMaster, NewsKing, NeXT NewsCast Automation and Caption Central Live Voice Captioning. Comprompter is known for innovative technology that produces very cost-effective software tools and always provides the support service to back it up.

Extended Description:

Our newest product line is Caption Central … an Automated Captioning Engine that receives spoken audio either directly from a live speaker, or from a previously recorded audio file, and outputs captioning data to the closed caption encoder. Our Caption Central uses a world class linguistics program to convert speech to text and then sends that text as captioning data. Our Caption Central Multi converts audio to text by applying powerful neural network models. You can transcribe the text of live speakers, or transcribe audio files into caption output, among many other uses. 

Caption Central (CC2) - is Live, Anchor Voice Captioning system that also feeds your Newsroom Computer System through to your Encoder for scripted segments … then, for non-scripted segments, instantly transcribes your Anchors Voice into captioning and sends it to your encoder.

  • Enhance your Newscast – CC2 is a Live, Anchor Voice Captioning system that allows you to fill every non-scripted segment in your newscast with accurate captioning as it is spoken.
  • Emergency Broadcasts – Caption Central allows you to go LIVE instantly with our Live, Anchor Voice Captioning system during Breaking News and Weather Alerts.
  • Pre-Recorded Voices - CC2 can also transcribe pre-recorded Audio via real-time playout or ingest a file in half the time.

Caption Central Multi … A Live Voice Captioning System for Multiple Voices

Most Voice Recognition systems provide only a single trained voice profile that can be active at one time. So when it comes to voice captioning several anchors, or a roundtable discussion featuring a group of people, most available voice recognition systems fall short. Caption Central Multi (CCM) solves this problem.  CCM handles standard newsroom scripted caption output … but, also provides up to 8 trained voice profiles that are instantly air-ready during any show.

CCM keeps every conversation in sequence … regardless of the number of on-set speakers, or the order in which they speak, CCM presents the words spoken in the studio in the real-time sequence and identifies who spoke them. Typically, Caption Central Multi’s text output runs about 3 seconds behind real-time! And each word is Spell Checked and Context checked prior to sending it to air to assure CCM chooses the best and most logical word.

--- For example: “The girl threw the ball through the window”.

--- Or, “The wind blew the blue ball across the yard”.

  • CCM passes your newsroom scripted captioning through to the Encoder.

  • CCM is a Turnkey Solution available in either a 4 or 8 speaker configuration.

  • Each Mics location and number is clearly identified for the Producer.

  • Every Speaker is clearly identified by Name and Title each time they speak.

  • Pre-Recorded Voices - CCM can also transcribe pre-recorded Audio via real-time playout or ingest a file in half the time.

Caption Central is a very efficient and economical system to purchase or lease!