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Peter Flood
CEO; AIDA Content Management, inc
Mark Milstein
Managing Director of Microstocksolutions, Inc
Phone: 917-675-3040
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Company Description:

VRmeta is the world's first video metadata hub. VRmeta allows users to apply both IPTC keywords and captions, as well as in-frame and time-based descriptive metadata simultaneously to nearly any known video asset type, and to export and share that metadata with every known DAM and MAM

VRmeta generates a single source of truth for any asset it touches

Whether the goal is to create unmatched discoverability for your entire video library, or generate sub-atomic-level accuracy for artificial intelligence (AI) training sets, holdout sets and validation sets  - VRmeta makes it happen.

The VRmeta Solution Suite consists of three individual solutions:

  • iOS/Android Mobile Applications
  • Video Meta Hub (SaaS Solution)
  • Enterprise Workflow (Managed Projects)

- All three offer the innovative capability of in-frame, time-based

- Descriptive metadata for digital assets specific only to VRmeta.

- A capability which optimizes search, discovery, marketability and revenue opportunity to a level not available from any other technology.

- VRmeta empowers the content management and distribution industry which covers all industries utilizing digital assets.

- Enabling a definitive increase in value of all digital assets through their product life cycle.