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Inovonics Broadcast / Inovonics, Inc.
Inovonics Broadcast / Inovonics, Inc.
5805 Highway 9
Felton, CA  95018
Products/Services: Digital Signage
Web-enabled Devices
Signal Management and Processing
Audio Processing and Effects
DAB/IBOC/HD Digital Radio
RDS/RBDS and Data Casting Solutions

Gary Luhrman
Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone: 831-458-0552
Fax: 831-458-0554
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For over 45 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leader of cost effective and innovative radio broadcast products.

Inovonics specializes in high quality Audio Processors, RDS Encoders, AM/FM Modulation Monitors, and off-air monitoring equipment for AM I FM HD Radio I DAB/DAB+ I RDS I Internet Radio

Inovonics' products are designed, manufactured, and assembled locally in California to insure quality from start to finish. All products include a 3-year Factory Warranty and Premier after sales service.

Extended Description:

View the 531N web interface in action via this link:

Product Information:
All the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance, and remote monitoring, the 531N is the ultimate choice for essential FM signal monitoring. Dependable, direct input and off-air reception provides total RF signal performance whether you’re right at the transmitter site or remote location. The 531N adds new monitoring and control features which are accessible remotely via the Web interface.

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